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Please keep your receipt for anything you buy from us. It will ensure that we can help you if you need to bring something back.

We hope you’ll be pleased with your purchase. If you wish to return anything bought from us, in full or part return, we’ll be happy to refund or exchange goods you have purchased from us within 14 days of delivery, providing;

The goods you want to return are unopened, unused, and in fully resealable condition.

You will be responsible for returning the goods to us at you own cost and must provide proof of return. Or, we can arrange collection which will be chargeable, which will vary depending upon your location and the product type. If collection is required, transport will be arranged within 21 days of the written notification from you.

Goods should be returned to us with proof of purchase.

We aim to process your refund within 14 days of receipt of the returned items.

Refunds can only be made to the original card of purchase. Refunded items will only be refunded in cash if the original purchase was in cash.
If the goods you return are not in a fully resealable condition, we reserve the right to refuse a refund on the goods.

Non-returnable Products

a) Made to measure or bespoke products which have been made to your specification or clearly personalised, or which by reason of their nature cannot be returned.
b) Perishable goods.
c) Any products with a short shelf life or sell by date.
d) Specially obtained or ordered goods (“Special Orders”).
e) Aggregates (e.g. ballast and other sands).
f) Cementitious goods (e.g. cement).
g) Plaster based products (e.g. multi-finish).
h) Paints and liquids which have been opened.
i) Chemical and liquids which have been opened.
j) PIR insulation boards.
k) Toilet seats which have been opened due to hygiene purposes.
l) Goods that have been fitted and or installed.
m) Any goods which have become mixed inseparable with other items or other orders after their delivery.

Due to the nature of these goods, unless they are faulty, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange.


However, if these products have been specially ordered for your specific needs and are not in stock, we will charge a 25% restocking charge.

A “Special Order” purchase is defined as a purchase of an item or items that;

(a) We do not regularly stock and/or
(b) We have had specially manufactured for you and/or
(c) For quantities of an item that are greater than what we normally stock

These Special Orders must be paid up front and in full prior to us ordering the goods and are not subject to our normal returns policy. See Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation of Orders

You will only be able to cancel an order (or any part of an order) which we have accepted with our prior written agreement and providing you indemnify us for all costs, charges, expenses, damage or loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit) incurred or suffered by us in respect of each such order.
We are not bound to agree to any such cancellation and may complete the contract even if you claim to cancel the contract.
You shall not be entitled to cancel for late delivery of any goods or late performance of services unless we have agreed with you in writing that any date was to be binding.
Our normal returns police does not apply to any “Special Orders” purchases. “Special Order” purchases are not returnable for refund or for credit of any kind. If you refuse to take delivery of any “Special Order” items from which we than occur cost for transporting, storage or other costs, we will pass these costs onto you. See Terms & Conditions.

A 25% restocking charge will occur if delivery goods were delivered and will need to be changed or returned.


Faulty Products

If the product you purchased is faulty, we may offer an exchange or refund as appropriate in accordance with your consumer rights. All customers must report within 24 hours after delivery.
Please call the branch on either 01527 519 444 or 02476 703 500, dependant on which depot your order was from.
Please see opening times on website.