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Laying Down A Patio Buildland Step Guide


You are about to learn how simple and straight forward it is to lay paving slabs to bring the best out of your garden! We will take you through a step by step process to make life easier for you! We then have the Carpenter’s Daughter…who we are happy to have as a regular customer! She will show us that these simple steps work and make a huge difference.


Laying Down A Patio Buildland Step Guide


Tape Measure String Line and Peg

Spirit Level Rubber Mallet

Trowel Rake

Wheelbarrow Shovel





Helpful Tip:

When laying paving slabs, sharp sand is usually the best option to go with in terms of mixing. It brings out the best in your patio and garden space.

A few benefits included the prevention of moles and rats from creating pathways below the slabs.



Step 1. Preparing the territory

The first thing that needs to be done before anything, is the area needs to be prepared. This is done by digging an approximate depth of 150mm within the desired area. Afterwards, throw in the sub-base and make sure you rake it evenly to the depth of 100mm.


Step 2. Preparing concrete for your patio

Develop the concrete mix by using 3 parts of sand and 1 part of cement at the same time regularly adding in water to provide a doughy consistency. This can be done by using a cement mixer, but cheaper way would be to use a large bucket. Make sure you mix until the consistency is thick. You can test this by rolling a bit of the mixture into a ball and it should keep its shape. Ensure that the concrete mix is enough to evenly cover a 40mm layer in the patio bed.


Step 3. Laying the patio slabs

Ensure to dampen the slabs before laying down as you don’t want to dry out the concrete mix too quick. The next step after this is to slowly lay the paving slabs into the concrete mix evenly. Tap gently with your rubber mallet to keep them in place. Repeat this process with all the slabs, making sure you leave a 10-15mm gap between each slab. Once the whole area is completed, spray all the slabs with water and leave so set for at least 24 hours.


Below, you can look at our regular customer’s (The Carpenter’s Daughter) video of how she lays her patio slabs. She has plenty DIY videos that will help you get the best out of your specific projects in the cheapest yet most effective ways possible!

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